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KIT AQUA Sport and Hobby

- Made in Sardinia -


If you intend to try the incredible capabilities of this KIT, simply by purchasing one, click on one of the trolleys of your choice, a complete KIT will be sent to you along with its simple application methodology.

Thank you for your contribution to the research and development of this chameleonic product.


And exlusive INSTANT KIT suitable for grouting holes and reparing, building or assembling rigid or semi-rigid objects in fiberglass or carbonfiber. 

With these 3 types of diy kits, 5 medium-sized repairs are guaranteed without the need for catalysts in just 5 minutes for the most daring..

Presentation of  AQUA SPORT KITS

Elements that make up the KIT AQUA Sport 


Double solutions VTR and CARBON


Video to make quick final interventions exemple for Surfboards made of fiberglass






Presentation idea Kit Aqua Sport ''Startcup Sardinia'' 2013/18


The Kit Aqua Sport project was supported by the University of Sassari through the chemist dott. Sergio Scognamillo.


For repair Bicycles made of carbonfiber




Exemple for Objects




Future prospects in the MEDICAL field




This idea was born in 2000 after numerous experiments with resins and adhesives, in 2009 it was perfected and presented through web spaces dedicated to this incredibly chameleonic found, ideas and advertising competitions, so it has been in the state of the art since that date, subsequently it is filed in 2013 as a utility model, to then be transformed as an industrial patent in 2014/15 and in 2018 the patent is finally granted by the UIBM of Rome.   

Any kind of reproduction of this industrial property is forbidden

N° 00006340

- CE marking 2001/95 issued by C&C Italy -

The patent issued by the "UIBM" certifies the industrial property of both the application method and the compound system.

ITALIAN  laws for the use of PATENTS and Trademark:

Any imitation of products subject to industrial property constitutes a violation of the laws in force in international law, these laws oblige anyone who does not respect a plagiarism, immediate withdrawal from

marketing of any copies similar to the patent, an administrative sanction and a extensive compensation for damages to all owners of a Patent.

The information and figures contained on this website do not exempt any user from independently verifying the presence of any third party's industrial property rights.

Goals achieved with this innovation

Articles dedicated to this discovery:

Articolo l’Unione Sarda (Patrizia Mocci)

Articolo la Nuova Sardegna (Enrico Carta)

Articolo Kitesoul (David Inglosi)

May the strength concentrated in this extraordinary Kit always be with you!

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phone: +39-3294344767

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